The Top 9 Questions an Insurance Planner Should Ask Their Clients

Insurance planners┬áconsistently ask us for ways to start a conversation about life insurance. It’s a difficult topic for many to talk about, so having properly framed questions is critical both for conversation purposes and starting a plan off correctly. Here are 9 questions we find valuable in starting a conversation about life insurance.


  1. Do you own life insurance?
  1. When was the last time you reviewed your life insurance?
  1. Does your life insurance policy include a long term care solution?
  1. Do you have disability insurance? Is it group or individual coverage?
  1. Do you own a business?
  1. Do you have a business continuation plan?
  1. Are there key employees that are critical to your business?
  1. Have you done any estate planning? When is the last time you reviewed your estate plan?
  1. Are you charitably inclined?


These aren’t the only questions you as the insurance planner can ask and there are many other articles we have on this topic, but this is a list that will lead to important meetings with your client. You can download this list by clicking below.