Life Insurance and Wealth Managers

Life Insurance and Wealth Managers

Last year Russ Alan Prince wrote an outstanding article for Forbes about the integral role life insurance has within wealth management practices. As he mentions, almost 80% of wealth managers within multi-family offices have turned towards outsourcing life insurance expertise, largely due to the specialized knowledge that this field requires. At the same time, the financial … Read more

Fee-Only vs Fee-Based – What Option Is Better?

In the insurance brokerage business we partner with all types of financial advisors. As we meet with financial advisors we are often told stories as to the type of advisor one is. The most polarizing topic we come across is the concept of fee-only vs fee-based financial planning. We have heard hundreds of different opinions … Read more

6 Ways Financial Advisors Can Sell More Life Insurance

The life insurance conversation is not an easy one to have. Here are 6 ways that have been successful for other financial advisors when talking with their clients about life insurance planning. #1 Policy Reviews. Review. Review. Review. #2 What role does life insurance currently play in your client’s overall financial plan? #3 Is the client … Read more