The Insurance Policy for Your Insurance Business

The Insurance Policy for Your Insurance Business

Diversification of products, standing out, and creating unique content are all ways to insure your insurance business.   What do health insurance agents, benefit advisors, and property and casualty (P&C) agents all have in common? They are all working in industries that are being disrupted at a rapid pace. From government regulations to tech companies, various factors are … Read more

The Trusted Salesperson Gives Value First

The Trusted Salesperson Gives Value First

I came up in sales. I was good at it. But often times, others can get you off track. You become focused on less important tasks. It seems as though work is always getting done. And sure, much of the work is important, no question, but it can leave you with little time to be … Read more

The Carolina Panthers and Succession Plans

In an article from May 2017 on (our content platform), we posted an article titled, “Why the Carolina Panthers Need a Succession Plan”. This article received much feedback in regards to what succession plans are all about. And of course it stirred up debate on the future of the Carolina Panthers. Here’s a summarized … Read more

7 Powerful Questions You the Life Insurance Advisor Can Ask a Business Owner

According to recent studies, a controlling shareholder’s median age is 60 years old. For many of these business owners, their largest asset is their investment in the business. As retirement age nears for these business owners, advisors should find opportunities to begin a conversation with their business owner clients about their inevitable exit. Yet, you’ll … Read more

Buy/Sell Agreement – Is It Funded?

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1459347936260{margin-top: 40px !important;}”]Advisor: “Mr. Client, do you have a buy/sell agreement?” Client: “Yes.” Advisor: “Excellent.” Wrong! What good is a buy/sell agreement if it isn’t funded? How do you know if it is funded if you don’t ask? How do you propose a company that is worth $5,000,000 with illiquid assets fund a 50% buyout … Read more

But What If…

It often seems like everyone you meet wants something. They want to make a sale, they want you to do something, they want and want. But what if… They just want something good for you? Is that possible? We all want something. In the world of insurance, agents want to sell life insurance. You’re cautious, … Read more