Simplify Your Life: e-App

What is e-App?

E-App is a user-friendly web based life insurance application. It allows you, the advisor, to complete a carrier application electronically, within an easy-to-use, dynamic platform.


How does it work?

Upon accessing a secure online portal, the platform will walk you through step-by-step each application section that needs completing. Depending on your answers, you may or may not be asked follow-up questions, thus the system does the work for you in deciding which questions are relevant for your client. After completing all required questions, you and the client will be able to electronically sign the application and instantly submit it directly to the insurance carrier. Your dedicated KazSource case manager will also receive a notification of the application submission and they will provide follow-up and status updates throughout the process.
Once the carrier receives the application, a telephone interview will be conducted with your client to complete the carrier Part 1 & 2. Once the tele-interview has been completed, a paramedical exam will be scheduled (if required).


What are the benefits of using the KazSource e-App? 

 Reduce NIGOs (not in good order)    Increase Client Satisfaction    Reduced Paperwork
  • Rule-based platform ensures that the correct application and forms are always used
  • Notifies you when required questions are inadvertently skipped
  • Avoids legibility issues resulting from handwritten forms
  • Less back-and-forth with client due to reduced NIGOs
  • You and your clients’ time is valuable.   E-Apps often reduces the time to complete the application and the cycle time to approve the policy
  • eSignature allows you and the client to sign the e-App anywhere, anytime
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reduce or eliminate scanning or faxing forms to your client and case manager
  • Zero paperwork means less worry of securely shredding or storing clients’ confidential information on-site


All this adds up to you getting paid FASTER!


How do I access KazSource’s e-App?

Simply go to and select the desired carrier.


If you have any questions or would like a personalized walkthrough, please contact your Sales VP.


 American General    
 VOYA Financial Lincoln Financial  
Minnesota Life eApp