Many Ways to Say GOOD

Over the weekend I was trying to come up with a sales-idea to send out to all my agents. My son happened to show me a clip, which I have included below, from a former Navy Seal (Jocko Willink, author of the bestselling book, Extreme Ownership). In this video, Jocko talks about how to say GOOD in a difficult situation like the pandemic. While this has been a difficult year and the coronavirus is not good for our industry, there are many ways to say GOOD

1. Being unable to meet with clients face to face – GOOD. We have been getting business done via Video conferencing, electronic applications, and electronic delivery of policies.

2. Clients don’t want to complete blood and urine tests in their homes? – GOOD. Many companies have decided they can use blood and urine test completed by clients as part of their routine physicals.

3. Unable to get doctor records for clients? – GOOD. This has resulted in more and more client records being made available on client portals.

4. Stock Market Up and Down? – GOOD. Guaranteed fixed annuity sales are simply wild right now. Many people with money in CDs or Money Market accounts are moving to guaranteed fixed annuities.

5. Some Carriers like Lincoln Life moving to max Charges on permanent life Products? – GOOD. This creates an opportunity for us to help clients preserve their cash value and potentially add a long term care benefit.

Let me know how I can help you say GOOD in your business!