Principal Guaranteed Issue Term Insurance

Principal Financial Life Insurance Company has been an innovative leader in the life insurance market for years. They were an early adopter of the online life insurance application. They were one of the first to offer accelerated underwriting. And now, their newest program takes this even a step further: Principal Guaranteed Issue Term Insurance. With business clients in mind, this program allows up to $5 million of individual term coverage for those clients with at least 25 employees.

Whether key person, buy-sell, or supplemental coverage, this guaranteed issue life insurance could be a great choice for many. Of course, advisors should consult with insurance carriers and life insurance brokerage professionals. And individuals and businesses should consult with their advisors.

There are many factors that play a role in if a business qualifies for this offering so review the Principal piece at the bottom of this article.

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A bit more about guaranteed issue term insurance:

  • it allows those without life insurance or low amounts of insurance to quickly increase the amount of coverage.
  • it allows those that otherwise would not qualify to secure coverage for the benefit of their families.
  • it allows executives and owners to increase their coverage while also providing a worthwhile benefit to their employees
  • it provides an opportunity to secure coverage quickly — often people won’t acquire more life insurance because of the long process — guaranteed issue term insurance gives an opportunity to add some speed to the process, depending, of course, on many factors


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