How Will You Pay for Long Term Care?

The Today Show recently aired a fantastic segment on one of the realities many of us will face: how will we pay for long term care (LTC) in our retirement years? The segment does a great job summarizing the differences between traditional LTC and a new hybrid option. As Jean Chatzky brings out, and many of us realize, LTC is expensive and you must carefully explore your options on how to make it accessible in your retirement years.

With the changing health care markets and the new solutions that insurers have been recently launching, making the best choice for you and your family can be confusing. Is traditional LTC insurance the best choice? What are the hybrid products available? Or, as Chatzky mentions, maybe spending down so you qualify for Medicaid is the best option (this one has plenty of caveats, so please speak with a licensed advisor before taking this route). So take a few minutes to watch this segment for yourself to learn about the different options that exist for long term care insurance.





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