Efficiency and Speed with Life Insurance

There is a misconception that applying for term life insurance is complicated—or worse. Maybe you even have a bad taste in your mouth from a prior episode with another firm. Actually, with an efficient support team and the right systems, the application process can be seamless. At KazSource, we go out of our way to make it easy to sell term life insurance. We offer:

·       Online e-applications

·       An accelerated underwriting program, with policies issued in 48 hours

·       Back-office support

·       A real-time, web-based, case management platform

As you know, there are objections to everything – and a lot of them are just excuses to avoid doing something. And avoiding talking to your clients about life insurance because of a misconception? There’s no sense in that.

For more on the misconceptions of life insurance, take a look at this article from Forbes.