The John Hancock Vitality Program is a Winner in My Book

The John Hancock Vitality Program is a Winner in My Book

Saving money makes me happy. But saving money while doing something I love to do makes me really happy. And I love to stay active, I love to compete. Whether it’s going to the gym for a power workout, riding my mountain bike on the glorious North Carolina trails, or simply mowing my lawn—if it … Read more

Life Insurance and Wealth Managers

Life Insurance and Wealth Managers

Last year Russ Alan Prince wrote an outstanding article for Forbes about the integral role life insurance has within wealth management practices. As he mentions, almost 80% of wealth managers within multi-family offices have turned towards outsourcing life insurance expertise, largely due to the specialized knowledge that this field requires. At the same time, the financial … Read more

Life Insurance Can Offer More: Living Benefits

Life Insurance Can Offer More: Living Benefits

There’s more to life insurance than just death benefit. Think living benefits.   “Did you knows” exist in many industries. It seems like the insurance industry is full of them. And I understand why. It’s a confusing market. Add to that the fact that many advisors push certain carriers and products. Of course stories develop … Read more

What You Really Need to Know About the MIB

We receive a lot of questions from clients and potential clients about the MIB. Most people know it’s part of the process for determining their insurance rate, but that’s about it. Misunderstandings abound. Let us clear up the picture a bit. The MIB (Medical Information Bureau) was started in the early 1900’s to help life … Read more

The Carolina Panthers and Succession Plans

In an article from May 2017 on (our content platform), we posted an article titled, “Why the Carolina Panthers Need a Succession Plan”. This article received much feedback in regards to what succession plans are all about. And of course it stirred up debate on the future of the Carolina Panthers. Here’s a summarized … Read more

Buying Life Insurance with a Selfie May Become a Reality

Last year, we wrote about how buying life insurance with a selfie may become a reality. Well, here we are a year later and you can now get a life insurance quote with a selfie! This new, fun way to get a quote is now available from Legal & General America.  The life insurance approval … Read more

9 Common Mistakes We See in Insurance Planning for Business Professionals

All clients have unique circumstances and needs. This creates confusion during the insurance planning process. Through the many conversations we have had, we have identified 9 common mistakes that business professionals make with the implementation of insurance strategies.   1. Failure to review buy/sell agreements when insurance planning A business owner has done all the planning and completed a … Read more

Fee-Only vs Fee-Based – What Option Is Better?

In the insurance brokerage business we partner with all types of financial advisors. As we meet with financial advisors we are often told stories as to the type of advisor one is. The most polarizing topic we come across is the concept of fee-only vs fee-based financial planning. We have heard hundreds of different opinions … Read more

2 Life Insurance Stories With Opposite Outcomes

In our business we hear many stories. Stories about businesses, and stories about families. Often we tell stories. Here are two similar life insurance stories with very different endings. Recently, one of my clients passed away. Since then, I have been assisting the family to file a death claim on a term policy that we … Read more

How Will You Pay for Long Term Care?

The Today Show recently aired a fantastic segment on one of the realities many of us will face: how will we pay for long term care (LTC) in our retirement years? The segment does a great job summarizing the differences between traditional LTC and a new hybrid option. As Jean Chatzky brings out, and many of … Read more