Behind Every Client Is a Story

I recently met with a husband and wife about their long-term care policies. I wasn’t there to make a sale, just to assist them in reviewing a recent rate increase.

The insurance agent who referred the couple provided me with the husband’s date of birth—at first I thought it must be a typo, but no, the man was indeed 97 years old.

He was frail physically but vibrant mentally. His main concern was for his wife. She was some 25 years younger, and he wanted to be sure she would retain long-term care coverage after he was gone.

During the course of the conversation, the man revealed that he was a World War II (WWII) veteran who flew a fighter plane in Germany. He talked about how he had always been a small, frail person, but his sense of duty to his country motivated him to join the Army Air Corps (which later became the Air Force).

He wanted to be a pilot but worried his physical stature might be a barrier. He said his then-girlfriend told him that he would never forgive himself if he did not at least try. To his surprise, he was accepted and served honorably. The girlfriend later became his first wife.

This gentleman was sincere and very funny during the meeting, with a wonderful, positive positive outlook on life. His only concern was for his second wife. He wanted to make sure she’d be OK. Just like, when he was younger, he wanted to make sure his country would be OK. His only worry was that he might not get to.

We assisted him with obtaining several options to reduce or modify the premium to offset the rate increase. We assured him that his wife would inherit his benefit and that her premiums would be waived forever.

One month later, this gentleman passed away. I found myself feeling blessed by my one encounter with him. While I made no money in this experience, I found myself feeling more rewarded than by any sale I could have made.

Behind every client we meet with is a story.

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A post by Mitch Long.