4 Reasons Why P&C Agents Should Sell Life Insurance


P&C Agents should consider selling life insurance if…

  1. You work twice as hard for half as much selling Property & Casualty Insurance
  2. Have 1,000 or more clients that have already said yes to you
  3. Like doing right by your clients
  4. Enjoy maintaining your clients

If this doesn’t sound like you, then…

…Someone out there will be smart enough to approach your client and tell them about life insurance. And then what happens? You lose the life insurance sale and uh oh, you potentially also lose your P&C client.

However, if you are a P&C Agent that has tried with limited to no success selling life insurance, that means you were utilizing the wrong resources. Common issues include:

  1. Trying to do it all yourself but not having the time or expertise
  2. Referring the business to a life insurance agent but then you weren’t receiving enough of their time and they were making most of the money
  3. Hiring your own in house life insurance coordinator but they weren’t the high level associate your clients demand
  4. Using an insurance brokerage group that didn’t specialize in partnering with property and casualty agencies.

It’s time to try again…

Are you ready to sell life insurance yet?