3 Great Ideas To Boost Sales

Looking for some ideas to increase sales? Take a look below. Or click on the image to the right.

3 Great Ideas To Boost Sales

Income Tax Mitigation (IRA Max)

  • Today, less people have an estate tax problem then 5+ years ago
  • People have an income tax problem today – that is their pain
  • There are large qualified plans ready to be taxed – and the owners of those plans do not need the income
  • Aging baby boomers – amount of qualified plans is growing
  • The key is avoiding the income tax to the heirs


LTC Rider

IDEA #1     IRA Max – Leverage IRA into Life Insurance

  • Everyone wants to discuss LTC – personal stories
  • Planners looking to protect their AUM’s – LTC is the way to do it at low cost
  • Confusion in the market – A) standalone LTC B) Chronic Illness products
  • Rider cheaper than standalone LTC and not a use it or lose it like standalone
  • Women especially should consider this – LTC is more expensive for women than men. Life insurance is less expensive for women than men


Policy Review

IDEA #2     Life with LTC Rider on Every Illustration

  • Recession proof
  • Policy Owner Service is an overlooked concept – be different than other advisors
  • Better people’s situation – it creates trust and value


IDEA #3     Review All Policies


Example: What are you doing about clients that own a Genworth product considering Genworth’s recent downgrade?


Featured image courtesy of Francesca Guadagnini on Flickr